Fleet Services, Fleet Maintenance ProgramsManaging a fleet system is difficult work. Fleet services require a great deal of maintenance in order to operate correctly, especially for businesses whose fleet vehicles see a great deal of use on a daily basis. Trucking and transportation companies know that in order for business to stay on track, their vehicles must be serviced on a regular basis. BJ’s Auto Theft and Collision offers fleet maintenance programs that will help to keep your vehicles on the road and in good condition.

As with any other type of vehicle, fleet vehicles are susceptible to the harsh conditions that are often encountered on the roads of Colorado; especially in the wintertime. Maintaining a fleet of vehicles is about more than just monitoring where they are at a given time. Fleet maintenance requires a constant evaluation of each and every vehicle in the fleet in order to ensure that they are safe enough to drive long distances. Since many fleet vehicles drive thousands of miles each month, keeping up with fleet vehicle maintenance is absolutely essential.

In order to ensure that your fleet is being well taken care of, it is imperative to work with a fleet mechanic who understands the ins and outs of fleet repair. BJ’s offers truck fleet services for trucking companies, as well as similar services for companies who employ fleets of other types of vehicles, such as vans and cars. Our mechanics are well-suited to deal with whatever maintenance issue your fleet may have, ensuring that your vehicles are back on the road in good working order in no time.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to just bring in your fleet vehicles when you have noticed an issue. Many times, the health of a vehicle may be suffering in ways that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Our team of qualified fleet mechanics can easily look each and every one of your vehicles over on a routine basis to ensure that nothing is hiding between the cracks. One of the most costly issues for companies who manage fleets of vehicles is having a vehicle break down while on the job. With routine maintenance in place, you can all but guarantee that this will not happen to any of your vehicles.

We offer affordable fleet maintenance programs that can be tailored to the needs of your company. Don’t leave your fleet in jeopardy; contact BJ’s today for your fleet services questions and a free estimate