Collision Repair Facts

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Collision Repair Facts

Unfortunately, when it comes to collision repair most car owners are clueless. After being involved in a collision a car is usually sent out for repair. Repair time can vary from short (lasting a day or two) to considerably long (a month or longer). Before initiating repairs, the collision repair experts examine the entire vehicle in order to give the vehicle owner a rough cost estimate for the repair service.

So what is involved during the preliminary inspection and the ensuing repair process? First, for the preliminary inspection, the plan collision repair specialist must look over all the assemblies that were affected by the collision. Aside from the car body and frame, these can include the electrical system components and wiring, the engine, the transmission, the wheels, axles, etc. When the collision repair specialist determines what parts and assemblies need to be replaced he or she compares the total cost of doing so against the cost of replacing the entire car. If the cost of repair is greater than the car’s replacement cost the vehicle is written off as a total loss by the repair shop and the owner’s auto insurance company. If the cost is lower and the vehicle owner approves of the repairs needed the collision repair center moves onto the repair portion of their service.

Collision repair at the auto body shop starts with repair work being performed on the car’s internal systems. Once everything is restored, repaired, or replaced and functioning properly, the collision repair specialist begins work on the body and frame. Damaged body panels are replaced. Dents and dings are slowly eased into place. If the paint is damaged the car may be repainted. In the meantime the frame is bent back into shape. A professional collision repair center would also add proven frame reinforcement measures to maximize the protection the car frame offers in case of collision or other accident.

After the various portions of the automobile have been put together, an expert collision repair service will go over every assembly checking it for proper operation. Since a collision may have undermined the overall integrity of the car the collision repair experts will make sure that the now-repaired car meets all safety standards. When fully repaired the car should look, at the very least, the way it looked before the collision. Some auto collision repair service centers are able to go the extra step and have the car looking almost new.

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